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business law


Intellectual property distinguishes your company from others. And it's not just about your brand or logo. With the growth of the company a worldwide protection of know-how and trade secrets more and more important. As part of our activities, we therefore advise German and Austrian companies on the protection of technologies, utility models, know-how, trade secrets and copyright in Poland.


Elements of such protection are also contained in the employment contracts and confidentiality agreements we have drawn up as well as in the business contracts we have negotiated for our clients. At the same time, we advise on how to transfer copyright and related rights, as well as rights to trademarks and other markings in Poland.


Information technology (IT) and communication (ICT) has undergone significant development and transformation over the last decade. Today's challenges include the protection of personal data, cloud computing, big data, or the Internet of Things. We help prepare and negotiate IT contracts, licensing agreements and other types of contracts that are typical of the IT industry, such as the SLA. We help to ensure compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation in Poland.

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