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The development of the company means continuous investment. This not only concerns investments in personnel, but also in a new plant, new machinery or new production facilities. Such processes are always (also in Poland) associated with numerous inconveniences for entrepreneurs and hide a number of risks.


We help our customers in all matters relating to the implementation of investments. We advise on the purchase of real estate in Poland, the financing of projects, negotiations and contracts with construction companies and suppliers of equipment or machinery. In the event that something does not go smoothly, we advise you on how you can safely get out of the situation problems.


At the same time, we advise on the tax planning of investments in Poland. Poland is still very attractive for German investors. Foreign investors are offered a lot of tax relief. From 2018, they will be available on a larger scale. No matter if you are planning a new investment in Poland or want to enlarge an already existing location - we will prepare a concept how to use the new tax relief effectively.

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