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We specialize in

business law


Solid contracts are the foundation of every business. But a contract is also a hedge for bad times when the cooperation between business partners does not work out or when problems arise. We understand very well how important the dialogue between our customers and their business partners is in contract negotiations.


In our work, we not only want to ensure legal certainty for our clients, but also understand their goals in the business, their products and services. Our ultimate goal is not only to provide legal support to our clients, but also to be business consultants. We have experience in various industries such as production, sales, construction and IT / ITC.


We advise on all matters related to the conclusion, execution and termination of our clients' business contracts. Our special expertise includes the support of international business.



  • prepare contracts, negotiate them and advise on the implementation of these contracts,

  • assist in reviewing and enforcing claims at the stage of their implementation,

  • also provide comprehensive services related to the creation and marketing of terms and conditions and services.

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